onsdag 13. mai 2009


My favouritecolor is red.
I am going to write a poem about this color.

The color red is the loves seed
It is a powerful color who everbody can see
Red is the sign of love and brings you all that love will show.
Red are a warm color who brings happines and joy in your life.


This term has my English developed to the better. I have never being good in English, but I can more now then before. That is because I will learn now, and before I didn’t care.

I have a great teacher who is willing to help me in English, and then are the much easier for me to be more willing to learn to. I am out and travelling very much, and speaks much English, and I fell that I speaking better English then I did before.

Also am looking much at English television and I listening how they talk.

And learn of it. A so with English music, I read lyrics and learn the words they use.

To improve in the subject I'm still going to look at English televisions show, and talk alot of English when I am going to travel around. English are something everyone most learn to talk and write.

onsdag 1. april 2009



Primary colors are red, yellow and blue. They are the basic colors that can not be mixed from others. Magenta is bluish red and cyan witch is a greenish blue. So magenta, yellow and cyan are the primary colors and from these you can mix all the other colors. In practice it is not so easy, because it is almost impossible to find pure primary colors.

Subtractive color mixing does mean to take something away. But when we add one color to another, we are in effect reducing or subtracting the amount of light it reflects. The more pigments you mix, the darker it gets. You subtract light , if you like. In theory, if you mix the primary colors , you get back.

Pigment and color often mean the same. Generally we use the word pigment whenn we are talking about paints or dyes, or about skin color, for that matter. All these are examples of reflected light. Color can also come directly from a light source. Then it behaves quite differently when it comes to mixing.

Additiv mixing is when you mix colors from a light sourse, the colors get lighter the more you mix them. If you mix primary colors you get white.

Black and white is notreally colors at all. But they are essential for deciding the shade of other colors.

Shade is not the same as tone. The tone of a color depends on which primaries it is mixed from on where it is in the color wheel. For example can we say that magenta is red which a bluish tone to it. Shade has to do with lightness and darkness.

If you add white or black to a color, it is the shade you are changing, not the tone.


torsdag 19. mars 2009



The patron saint of Ireland and the Irish, was born about 385 A.D. in Northern Wales. He studied religion in Europe to become a priest and bishop. He then brought Christianity to the Irish by teaching in Ireland for 29 years. According to early Irish tradition, he died on Ma
rch 17, 461 AD. The anniversary of his death is celebrated as Saint Patrick's Day. St. Patrick is most known around the world as driving all the
snakes out of Ireland through trickery.


About the St. Patricks day:
St. Patrick's Day is celebrated by the Irish and Irish at Heart in big cities and small towns alike with parades, "wearing of the green," music and songs, Irish food and drink, and activities for kids such as crafts, coloring and games. Its a time for fun.

Here is a picture of the parade for St. Patricks day.


Is a tradition to colour the river green at St. Patricks day. Allmost all the people are and lokking at the people who colored the river. It is a very important time for them. They have the colour green because it is a shamrock colour wich symbols the tree guds we have.

And here is a video there them colored the river green:


onsdag 4. mars 2009

Story Of The Native Americans 107-109


Today there are about 2,4 million Native Americans in the USA. They are also called American Indians. We find the largest groups of Native Americans in Alaska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Montana, South Dakota and Arizona.

Columbus "discovered" America in 1492 and he thought he had reached India and called the native people "Indians". That time was it probably around 1.5 million native people who lived in North America. They had living there about 35,000 years. They all were affected by the coming of the white man, with his guns, alcohol, his railways and diseases. The Indian way of life were changed forever.

The Indians were willing to share their land and food with the new settlers, but it came more and more people and then there were conflicts. Those Indians who tried to fight back, were killed. The others died from the diseases that the Europeans brought with them, like tuberculosis, smallpox and measles. People that survived were placed in reservations.
The people who survived were placed in settlements.

The Sioux were one of the Native American tribes that fought hard against the white settlers and soliders. Sitting Bull was one of the leaders, and he once said:

" We lived in our country in the way our fathers and fathers' fathers lived before us. We sought trouble with no men. But the soliders came into our country and fired upon us and we fought back. Is it so bad to fight in defence of one's country and loved ones?"

The Sioux defeated the United States cavalry many times in battle, but their most famous victory came in 1876 at Little Big Horn. Nearly 300 Indian men, women and children were killed.

On most og these reservations, there was nothing for the Native Americans to do. Many became dependent on government aid, and the levels of poverty, unemployment, drunkenness and violence were much higher here than in other parts of the country. The Native Americans were forbidden to practice their religion and the children were sent to boarding school to learn how to live like the white man. by 1920 , The Indian population had fallen below 350,000. For a time it seemed like the Native Americans would disappear.

They did not dissapear. In 1924, Native Americans were given American Citizenship and twenty years later they allowed to vote in elections. Many tribes sued the government for the land that was taken from them, and large sums of money have been paid out to make up for their loss. This money has made it possible for tribes to invest in business. All over United States today we can find evidence of Native American culture. Names like Massachusetts, Ohio and Michigan are Native American words. The white man learned how to grow corn, tomatoes, potatoes and tobacco from the Native Americans. Canoes, snowshoes and moccasins are all Native American inventions.

Today there are about 300 reservations in the United States and more than 500 recognized tribes. Poverty, discrimination and injustice still exist. Native Americans today are proud of their history and culture, and Fred Kaydahzinne, great grandson of a famous Apache warrior says: "My generations spent all our time learning the white man's ways. We mastered them, but we lost a lot of Indian heritage. Now we are trying to regain what we have lost".

søndag 30. november 2008

Write an email to your best friend

Hello Best friend!

If you are going to write a formality letter
you most have who the person you send to first
and from you on the other side.
And you write down the date under you name.

You start to write "Dear Lisa" F.eks

And then you starting with to tell why you are writing a letter and what`s the reason.

Next you tell about exactely what you mean, and the story you have to say.
You tell about what you think about it.
And you find away to a say goodbay on a nice way.

New year`s resolutions

My new year's resolutions are that I will be more helpful and
stop to eat candy so mutch :)
I will try to do it, if not have I a problem:P